Bicycle bells?

Hi! I'm currently searching for a bicycle bell for mine own bicycle and i came across this bell from the taiwanese theatre "huan huan ai" or why love. Can i noe where to buy it? Thanks!

hesitation the internet... but, aren't all bicycle bells the same?

damper the internet... but, aren't all bicycle bells the same?

If you have tried searching it in the Bicycle department store I think you can already have one.

Why are there "I love (heart) my Mom" stickers on bicycle bells?

My girlfriend was in the supply the other day looking for a bicycle bell and every single one of them had a sticker that said "I love (heart) my Mom," teeth of being different brands. Does anyone know if it is customary for bell companies to put these stickers on their products or are these special bells just victims of "sticker vandals?"

Dave, don't you regard (heart) your Mom? Come, on Dave.

No it is not customary for bell sellers to have I Heart My Mom on them. I have seen hundreds of bells and never a solitary sticker.

You are a Victim of the Sticker.

Why is it many (or most) Japanese bicycle riders don't ring there bells?

Per capita, I propose b assess Japan has more bicycle riders than the USA & possibly other countries. I've been living here for a while and I've noticed that a great many riders don't signal with their bells. Why is that? Also, has anyone else noticed this?
geez..wetdream! You don't have to be so brusque! I know about many of the Japanese customs but not ringing a bell to avoid an accident goes against logic, EINSTEN!!

Because, in Japan, tumult is viewed as an aberration. You don't talk loadly on trains, you speak in a low voice when asking a grill and you don't blow your horn or ring your bell in traffic unless it's really required. Pick up a publication on local customs and read it!