What is the fitting called to attach a brass chandelier to my ceiling?

I have purchased 3 aid hand brass chandeliers but my son in law is unable to fix it to the ceiling as he said there is nothing to attach the chandelier to the joist.
What is this fitting called so I can buy them
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The most successfully way I would recommend to properly install and hang chandeliers and ceiling fans is to first properly install octagon point boxes in the ceilings first, securely screwing them into either the trusses or joists, or whenever between

That's unearthly! Sorry I don't know what it's called but I recently got a new chandelier also form http://kingdomlightingusa.com/ and the customer service was huge! I am sure if you give them a call they can help you there number is 877-654-6436! Good

Do I need primer on my chandelier?

I have an abominable brass chandelier. I'm going to spray paint it a flat black. I've sanded down with 180 grit paper. Does it exigency a primer before I spray paint it or will it be okay w/ the sanding and spray paint?

I contrive you should put a coat of primer on it first. It's a quick and simple step that will make the whole job turn out better. Primer goes on calmly and doesn't take long to dry so almost right after you prime it, you can paint it. If it's the ugly

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