where can I find modern brushed chrome pillar candle holders?

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How to use pillar candle holders without candles?

A alternative other of mine was gracious enough to give me the pillar candle holders she used as reception centerpieces after her wedding. The problem is that we are not permitted to have open flames at our soir venue.

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You could get teeny, brightly colored gold fish and put them in.

Colored, translucent marbles with an LED buried in them so they kind of look like this: http://holding2.static.flickr.com/1396/5379 84855_639848bfdc.jpg


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The fun part is picking candle holders that will add rage to your displays. For unsurpassed elegance on a dining table, look no further than a silver

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or Broste also do convincing black polished pillar candles, which would an air of spookiness to any hallway! Alongside this are some lovely candle holders,