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extension cord?????

i have a mini appliance extension cord that is rated 125 volts class of like this one except the connector end has a hatch and on the other side of the hatch is the connector outlet.....

http://images1.hdpi.com/fallout/woods029 5.jpg

The voltage is approach

The voltage is approach

Does the excess from an extension cord bother you? How do you store cords?

I dream cords are unsightly! I wish electricity was wireless too, but since that's not an option yet what do you do to hide unsightly cords? Does your iron cord concern oneself with you? How do you store extension cords or things with cords? Does

buy the appropriate size cord for the use....they have so many lengths these days. along with colors. and never run them under anything like a rug!

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Foot-Operated Extension Cord, Not for the Twitchy
Foot-Operated Extension Cord, Not for the Twitchy This week's first power-clothing comes from Woods Ind., supplier of cable-based products to, well, anyone. The six-outlet strip is rated to

Aggressive attack keeps apartment fire confined to 1 room
The basis of the fire was an overloaded extension cord. The tenant had too many appliances plugged into a series of two very light weight extension cords