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Do you have any experience with an Amana Furnace?

I moral set up an appointment to replace my 35 yo LuxAire with a new amana! Can't wait to get rid of that old faithful.

Amana is outdo and more efficient, better design and energy efficient, you will be pleased! good warrenty also!

Concoct sure the people installing it have a good Better Business Bureau rating. Call the BBB.

Amana is gambler and more efficient, better design and energy efficient, you will be pleased! good warrenty also!

My woman and I had to replace our furnace about 3 years ago, and I did a lot of research on them. We ended up buying a very high effiency Train and then last summer we added a euphoric effiency Train central air unit. We already had central air, but the old one died.

When we got the new furnace we also got a whole house air filter and humidifer.

In doing the inspection, I found out that the company that you buy your furnace from and have them services and installs it is and important factor. The reason is if they sell you a furnace that is too broad or too small for your situation, then it won't heat your place properly and you will have wasted your money. The same goes for the base. If they don't install it correctly you are throwing away your money.

I have my Train dealer come out every flexibility and fall to get my system ready for summer and winter.

I was looking at an Amana, but the company had difficulty giving me a proper written work out, so that eliminated them right away.

I have 20 yr old Coleman central aircon, attached to 8 yr old Amana furnace?

Patently the "drip pan" has pin holes, so water is leaking to the basement floor. The heating crowd said that the air cond is too old for them to order a new one(drip pan, as the old one is metal and new ones are plastic), and that they can replace the condensor, or I can get a new Air conditioner. My proposition beyond the shadow of a doubt is: Does this sound logical for one, and how much should I stick into an old air conditioner, that has always run fine. And was the furnace, which is Amana compatible with this Coleman air conditioner.

If they are talking about replacing the condensor, you should be looking to substitute for the whole AC unit. If you can't afford it, start saving now and maybe try cobbling together a means of directing the sea water into a floor drain for the next couple months (assuming you are only using it seasonally and don't live with it running year end).

If you know how much longer the furnace is supposed to last (and assuming you plan on still living there by then), I would buy a cheaper (or maybe even second-hand) AC unit that will get you to the time when you can invest in replacing everything at once. Right now I don't think it's worth it to take over from a relatively new furnace (as it is likely going to last for 25 years if you got it 8 years ago).

Regardless, don't put any more medium of exchange into repairing the existing AC....that's pointless.

Why are the burners in my Amana furnace not turning back on when the temp goes below the thermostat setting?

The gas burners twist themselves off when the house reaches the set temperature, as they should, however, the fan stays on, but the burners do not turn back on when temperature falls below the thermostat mise en scene. I can only get the burners to go back on if I turn off the power to the furnace and switch it back on. The igniter seems to be fine.

sounds like the handle board. when your shutting off the power your basically resetting the board, if it was a fan limit the fan would not come on at all, unless your furnace is very old you wont have a thermocouple and you did shape that your ignitor was fine. depending on the model of furnace you have the board will cost between 100 to 250 dollars.
i have a drayman and the board for it was listed at 269.00

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