How do i burn a plug fuse, so plug stops working?

Someone in my relations has refused to turn down their surround speakers (part of his PS3) for atleast 2 years now.

Keeps me up every night, and sometimes in the morning.

I've got to take actions into my own hands now, anyone

Can't be done.

What do your / his parents have to say about this? That's the Tangible problem.

TIP: Hey, it's almost Christmas. Get him some stereo headphones. The Lobotomy you got him 2 years ago worked!

Would it not be easier rightful to take the power cord so he can't play it?

My PS3 has broken down and will not turn itself on, despite being plugged in with the red light on.?

The red fire is on, and when I press the on/off switch to turn the console on it turns green for a split second. It then glows orange, then flashes red and done turns off. I have also changed the fuse in the plug and it has not made a difference. Before

I skilled in just how to fix it! First, grab your PS3. 2nd, open the trash can. Third, throw the PS3 in the trash can. 4th, drive to your local electronics assemble, Fifth, buy an xbox 360.

Does The Ps3 Have A Fuse - News

Fuse Review (PS3)
Fuse Review (PS3) Being a group based game, there will be times when you will not be able to have a full roster of friends helping you out, so the ability of the AI is going to be a defining go-between at least part of the time. Fuse's computer characters seem to follow a

Fuse (PS3)
Fuse (PS3) See, I have this impractical thing I do where I hope for the best. Yeah, yeah. I know. I think it's just a shape I'm working through. I'll be working through it quite a bit faster if more things like the development of Fuse take place. Insomniac Games, you know