i have old style electric with fuses,one fuse for whole house,whos responsible to get it up to code?

my lights go out every half hour or so compel of fuse box...i told landlord about this and he hasnt done anything but tell me i have to many things on but i have everything off and still does it...who is responsible for fixing this problem?

It is the owners dependability to maintain the property, the house was in compliance when it was built so it is a grandfather situation. If you force the issue, the CO may be revoked and the skilled in then can not be occupied until it is brought in compliance.

Where do I find Honda radio code,besides on radio itself? Is it in the glove box? Dont want to remove radio.?

Ive seen some posts that the code may be in the snout,in the glove box,on the back of the fuse box or on the radio itself,which I dont want to remove. Can anyone give me a straight answer on how to find the code and how to enter it? I also saw that pushing

The code comes printed on a flexible card about the same size as a credit card. It is included in the packet with the car owners manual. I've sometimes found the code written by the possessor in the owners manual on the front or back page, or in the section

Is Fuse Box Up To Code - News

Your advantage panel, fuse-box, main disconnect and circuit panel in "slang/trade terms" are the same reaction. This metal box contains the main breaker or

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Each has a manoeuvre, a latch, and is labeled with a function: CPU, fuse block, motor controller, DC fan, tach and more. A turn of the latch frees a component,