Would it be okay to wire CB radio to a marine battery?

I have a 2003 Ford F-150 and I am actually getting some really bad alternator noise on my CB radio. I have tried direct wiring to the battery, blast still there. Grounded to the firewall, noise still there. Installed a 20 amp noise suppressor, noise still

You could, and it may exterminate some of the noise, but here will still be some noise from the alternator. Before you spend the money on a battery / charger setup, try hooking the tranny to a battery that is not connected a 12 volt power source that

Battery will not charge on dump trailer while connected to vehicle?

It is a PJ Throw away Trailer and is hooked up to a Ford E-350 van. It has the fuse relay for charging trailer batteries and it is good. The fuse in the fuse box is also proof. When I put a voltage meter to the van end of the plug, its putting out 13.0

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Outdoors: There's a local, inland touch to lobstering
Outdoors: There's a local, inland touch to lobstering Knott began producing a new, first-of-its-sort, marine-grade mesh wire specifically engineered for ocean use. He called it Aquamesh, and it quickly They're fuse-bonded to the wire, forming an impervious vigilant outer layer. Riverdale worked to