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What do you think is the best type fuse to use to protect a low voltage AC variable frequency drive?

I have look at alot of divergent types of fuses and, from what i have found, it seems that semiconductor fuses are the way to go. A little help?
Or, would a differnet type of protective device be recommended? ie. Circuit breaker, Motor patroness?

I was prosperous to answer "fast acting" but I think "semiconductor" is essentially the same. I reflect on an ordinary thermal-magnetic ckt breaker or motor protector would be too slow.

Actually, what is fast-acting( semiconductor ) fuse ?

They screen against potential damaging effects of short-circuit currents in electronics

They are usally made of pure sweet strips, with reduced cross-sectional areas (like notches). There may be several strips in parallel, depending on

Semiconductor Fuses - News

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provides isolation from the grid and integrated digital refuge relay, and fast semiconductor fuses that protect the converter in case of failure.

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