Is it possible to power a 18-22W 120V fluorescent bulb with a battery?

Would you indigence a DC/AC power inverter? what's the smallest battery you could use and in what configuration?

I'm trying to make a 22W 120V AC fluorescent circline bulb to be adept to be powered by both portable batteries and plug in

Power comes it Watts and is made up of Volts and Amps ...

When working with Batteries, 'content' (A.Hr, 'Ampere Hours') is usually quite vital, since it tells you how long it will keep going before running out.... A.Hr can be converted

You call for 120V A.C. at the ballast running that lamp.
An inverter is your best route. Small ones are low-cost.

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Yes, these are still acquainted with in a lot of existing fittings, especially offices, shops and public buildings, however the industry is moving towards great efficiency LED's, especially in new build homes.