How to make a light fixture with power cord at home?

Im lawful trying to take a light bulb and take a piece of wood, put the thing that it skrews into on the board, and attach a power cord so it can be plugged into a try outlet. How to?

Execrate to say it, but this really isn't such a hot idea. For one thing, if it causes a fire, you'll be responsible, particularly because you made it yourself and thus it wasn't UL (Underwriters Laboratories) listed for the yearn you're describing. The

practise a hole big enough to thread the wire through and put the white wire on the light colored screw and the black wire on the darker apply pressure wrap some black tape around it so you wont get shocked and plug it in.

How can we make a city green starting from your home?

Before making a burg green you must start at home or work. Ask your work to change bulbs to CFL or to recycle all waste products and to gain recycled products. At home change all light bulbs to CFL and recycle all products from metals to foilage. Put

Set your thermostat soften in the winter and higher in the summer. Even a few degrees will make a difference.
Install CFLs.
Use less water.
Plant some trees.
Dry some of your clothing on a clothesline.

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Greening your home to improve health and save money
Greening your home to improve health and save money Most ceiling fans use less forcefulness than a light bulb. * Enable "power management" on all computers and make sure to turn them off at Cimmerian dark.