Why do my energy saving lightbulbs flicker on and off even when i turn them off?

I have three lights in my latitude and i recently changed them to energy saving bulbs. They are all the same type of bulbs (philip softone 20W effective light to 100W non energy saver) i have two lights mounted on the bulwark an one in the middle and it has only been the one in the middle that has lit up strangely, only at night i may not have noticed on the walls though. Is this normal?

Mine will drum at night because there's an LED night light in the adjoining bathroom that cycles through various colours. CFL lightbulbs are fluorescent light bulbs which means that they have a coating of fluorescent paint on the viscera of the bulbs to absorb the UV light produced by the plasma in the tube and emit visible light but this means that they can absorb flickering energy from a lot of other wavelengths from a lot of other sources and emit them in the visible spectrums and thereby appear to glow or flicker even when off. You can use a bulb to copper a radiation leak from a microwave because of this. In the 70's people would attach small neon bulbs which profession on similar principles to the top of their CB radio antennas so that the antennas would light up when they talk. I'm surprised that there hasn't been fluorescent customization skins for cubicle phones that flicker.

no! get the socket checked out. you must have a eliminating. the new bulb may be more sensitive than the old one.

Green lightbulbs - any bright ones?

I'm hoping to restore my ordinary bayonet bulbs with green ones, and I need 100watt ones in several places for the light. I tried one unripened one that says its 60watt is equal to 100watt light, but it isn't! At this rate I'll need to use more lamps to stop me getting headaches, noticeably while reading and doing close work.

Has anyone any recommendations? I'm in the UK, and the bulb I used was one of those Philips Energy Saver ones.

Hi sybaris. I recognize this is not what you asked. but .Technology is not quite there yet to replace bulbs. but they do save energy.the one i use only consumes 7 watts and is fairly vivid. I know this sounds stupid but could you paint the spare or allocate a room to be painted white all over including ceiling. That will at bottom reflect the light. Surprising what a coat of paint can to to alter the ambiance of a room.

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