How do I convert my lamp post to solar?

My Bailiwick Owners Association requires we have a specific lamp post in our yard, and I would like to convert it to solar power instead of carefully wiring it. Are there kits available that will allow me to take my existing lamp post and convert it

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Where to Find Black Solar Powered Lamp Post Light???

I have searched all over the internet for at best a black solar powered post top light WITHOUT the pole. (I already have an existing one and want to put the solar top on it.) Anyone know where I can find such an item in black? I found a a handful of but olar_Post_Post_Column_Pole_Lanterns_Li ght_Fixtures.html

Solar Lamp Post - News

Double Solar Lamp Post Light
Double Solar Lamp Post Light The down side is that it means you'll be continual wires if you do want a lamp post. That is unless you pick up a solar powered alternative, then the set up

Washington Post: Taliban, Afghanistan in serious talks
He hopes he can shun Mohammad Najibullah's fate (being castrated and then hung from a lamp post). Pakghanistan is winning. The Taliban are talking with