Why did Thomas Edison invent the light bulb?

I requisite a pretty long and detailed answer.

The material answer is that he didn't invent the lightbulb. He had only improved on what someone else did a year before him. And in order to avoid legal battle joined with the bona fide inventor James Swan to market the lightbulb in Europe. To say he

'cos he is an inventor. he likes to invent things that can be supportive

why did Edison use toungston in vacuum to make a bulb?

Thomas Alwa Edison who invented electrical bulb,utilized the metal toungston to conduct current in vacuum so that it emitted light.why did he use it in vacuum?

Edison's scheme was to make a thin metal wire glow by passing current through it. This worked but the wire , now called a filament, would burgle after a short time and the light would go out.
He discovered that Tungsten or Wolfram, was stronger

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The light bulb we distinguish today isn't too different from the light bulb invented by Thomas Edison. I The technology behind the light bulb is surprisingly

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If you're a fan of Disney's “National Cache”, you might remember a line describing how Thomas Edison invented the light bulb: “I didn't fail,