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can you hook up a cordless 2 line phone to a corded 2 line phone?

i have a unite of at&t 945 4 line corded phone, only two lines are in use. i was wondering if i could hook up any 2 line cordless phones? help!

Unwavering - but the base station needs to be plugged into the two lines.

Tried - but the base station needs to be plugged into the two lines.

Does anyone make a 3 line cordless phone?

I have 3 phone lines at my enterprise and I would like to answer them from just one cordless phone I carry around with me. Currrently, I have a 2 line phone made by Uniden. I can not find a 3 line phone anywhere though. Anybody know of any?

none that i am posted of, although there are several 4 line cordless phones available... p;gs_id=1e&xhr=t&q=4+line+cordle ss+phone&qe=NCBsaW5lIGM&qesig=3p z7d-VPSDbE0K1UNRYgLQ&pkc=AFgZ2tnO2vH

2 Line Cordless Phone - News

Magic Jack Plus -- It Really Is Magic!
Magic Jack Plus -- It Really Is Magic! If you requisite to use your answering machine instead of the Magic Jack voicemail, it must be set at two rings and your phone must obviously be attached to an answering prime mover with a cord (or in the case of a cordless phone, the answering machine is in

VTech Announces FY2012 Annual Results
During the economic year 2012, VTech became the number one manufacturer of cordless phones in Western Europe, with a 29% customer base share(2). The Group also began supplying hotel phones in some European markets. Gross income from ELPs in Europe was US$310.3