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lag switch?

How do you beget a lag switch for a PS2? I have heard of cutting into your dsl wire etc. What is the easiest and safest way to go about doing this?

now... do u invent thats really safe to do?

now... do u ponder thats really safe to do?

How do I get my lag switch to work for PC games online without my own server?

I utilized my lag switch for COD4 on my ps3 and had researched it and found that you have to be the host of the game to use it because it makes everyone else lag, but I don't know how to use it on a PC game (BF2 is the game I want to use the switch for) because incontrovertible people are designated as admins and such, so i am confused.

You dont requirement to be host. Clients connect to it, you just need to flip it more often. Just connect your lag switch ethernet line between your Modem and your Router.

Lots of people put it between their system and Router, where it should be between your Modem and Router. It works better that way. Try it out.

How to make my lag switch last longer?

Ok so i made a lag switch for my xbox 360 but i can only use it for 4 secs before getting signed out how do i kind it last for like 30 secs or whatever?

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