I put a GFI 1st in a series of 2 outlets. The tester has GFI correct & a open ground on 2nd one. Is it right?

The GFI works correctly and shuts down both outlets. However, the tester indicates there is an susceptible ground on the 2nd outlet and I can not trip the GFI using the tester from the 2nd outlet. Is this normal for the second outlet.

no recheck your ground connections, you should be accomplished to test the GFI and any other on the load side.

no recheck your ground connections, you should be masterly to test the GFI and any other on the load side.

Yeah, I don't evaluate you should be getting an open ground on the second one. I just read a whole book on wiring your home the other day. I really like it...I'll brb with the name.

Okay, the name of the work is "Wiring: Complete Projects for the Home." It's by Creative Homeowner. It includes a website on the propitious cover - www.creativehomeowner.com
I saw it on sale for $5.00 so I grabbed it. It might be a good pickup for your wiring needs. It seems to cap quite a bit and has more examples than you need.

No somewhere you have a bad coupling. Double check all your connections.

What does it mean when an electrical tester indicates that the ground and neutral are reversed?

Additionally, what do the terms "out ground", "open neutral", and the like mean?

The reversed floor plan means that somewhere in the circuit a ground wire was connected to an electrical fitting where the neutral wire is supposed to be connected and the non-combatant has been connected to ground. This is a mistake made in the wiring because the color of the sheathing on the wire (old wiring) was not detected correctly at some occasion in the circuit. The circuit would probably still operate but the potential to touch an unprotected part of a fixture hooked up to this lap could cause electric shock. You will have to open every outlet and switch and box in the circuit to determine where the problem is located. Kill off the breaker for the circuit. Disconnect each receptacle, switch and/or fixture (1 at a time). turn the breaker back on and arrest the incoming voltages. If you do not get a voltage reading where there should be one (testing a neutral and hot wire) then test the hot wire against the ground. If you get a reading then refer to off the breaker, reverse the neutral and ground, reconnect the fixture and turn the breaker on again. If the breaker does not detonate, retest with your tester to see if problem has been corrected. If not, move on to another box in the circuit and repeat above.

What should I do when there is no ground wire in an outlet?

If there is no ground wire then can I no more than ground to the metal box? I did that once and when I tested my tester showed "no ground". Since it is hard or impossible to bring a ground wire from the box then what should I do to get "ground OK" when I analysis?

You might be gifted to ground it to a water line, since that is one of the backup grounds from the main panel anyway.

There really isn't too many things that will act as a ground.

I feel you could run a wire outside and to a grounding rod.

Good Luck

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